Paint Ball

Paint Ball

A game once used as a training exercise by the armed forces of America turned into an outdoor recreation. Well Dubai has been known for its ingenuity. The game when it came Dubai became even more interactive with indoor arenas specially design to give realistic environment. Ret with its promise to deliver an enthralling experience ?is once again swimming ahead of the tide by giving your family as whole the experience which will bind your family more than ever especially with the fast track live we want you to enjoy every second and cherish every moment of your tour.

Trip Inclusions:

  • Skeet shooting
  • Pistol shooting
  • 5 star catering
  • Bus service


Price per person for 1 game and 100 paintballs DHS 80
Price per person for 4 games and 400 paintballs DHS 200


Duration N/A
Days of Operation Daily
Timings 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
Age 9 years and upwards.

You Need to Know:

  • Each game lasts 10-20 minutes
  • Late night games are available
  • Total Elimination: You have to eliminate the opposing team; if it is not out the game will be draw
  • Prison Break: If the player reaches to the opponent base. The team will win and if it gets a single shot, he needs to go back and play again the next game
  • Center Flag: The flag placed at the center of the field must be captured and taken to the opposite team. Once you are eliminated you cannot pass the flag to your team member (if you are eliminated having flag in your hand. Just hold the flag in air and wait until any player comes and takes it from you)
  • President: You have to save your president and take him/her to the opponent base as the president is not having a gun
  • Capture the flag: Both the teams are having flags. You have to capture the flag of opposite team and bring it to your base. If you are eliminated you can pass it to your closest
  • Attack and Defend: In this game one team will have a flag which they have to defend while other team has to attack the flag which the opponent team is defending
  • Fill the bucket: In this game each team will have 3 balls and you have to fill those 3 balls into the bucket which is placed in the middle of the field without getting any single shot
  • Rambo: It is just a fun game. No elimination in this game. Once the bullet is finished player has to go out



Cameras are allowed and must but keep this in mind that not to take pictures of Arab women without permission. Photography of government and military installations is prohibited.


On Paint Ball trip we reserve the right to cancel or withdraw any activity for reasons beyond our control such as weather, strikes, war & other events of force majeure for which a refund, partial refund or rescheduled date may be given which is at the discretion of Royal Eagle Tourism.

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